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A Multifaceted Filmmaker Ready to Tell Your Story

Hey there! I’m a total film enthusiast and I live and breathe every aspect of the filmmaking process. From directing and cinematography to editing and sound design, I’ve got it all covered. Whether it’s a snappy commercial, a captivating short film, or an epic feature-length project, I always aim to bring a fresh and unique perspective to the table. I’m all about storytelling and I can’t wait to dive into my next creative endeavour!

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Directing is my passion and expertise. With a keen eye for detail and a natural ability to guide actors and crew, I bring a compelling vision to life on screen, ensuring every shot and performance is crafted to perfection.


Cinematography is my bread and butter. I love capturing the perfect shot, playing with light and shadow, and creating visually stunning imagery that enhances the storytelling in any project. From sweeping landscapes to intimate close-ups, I know how to make every frame count and bring a distinct visual style to any film.

Drone pilot

Hey there! So, I’m a pretty badass drone pilot. I’ve got the skills to capture those epic aerial shots that’ll make your jaw drop. From sweeping landscapes to high-octane action sequences, I’ve got the moves to make your project soar.

Happy Clients

I would recommend Yan to any team, since I know he’s technically capable, but moreover he also has the discipline and attitude to bring professionalism each and every day.

Jason Maclean

Director of Media and Technology

Working with Fashion One’s team requires lots of communication with lots of different people and Yan has always dealt with any issues in a professional and timely manner meaning he always got whatever we needed done on time.

I have been happy in working with Yan and would still continue to work with him shall future projects come up.

Able Wanamakok

TV Host, Producer

I can’t recommend Yan as a director and cinematographer enough! He is extremely professional and reliable. He pays great attention to details, flexible and a great problem solver. Yan’s motto is “Let’s go!” So driven, he brings such a wonderful positive energy to the set.

Selma Parvin


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Narrative work showreel

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© 2023 YanFrame . All Rights Reserved